Sundaaaze #1

After an intense Black Friday weekend in work, all I wanted was to sit down, eat loads of carbs, and have a gin in front of the TV.  Wish granted!  James made us a delicious nut roast with heaps of sides, I poured a rather large drink and put on Love Actually for the first time this festive season.  There's nothing better than spouting off every word along with a film on a Sunday evening!

My only other plans for tonight are to have a look online for any last minute deals on dresses - I somehow have to find outfits for a wedding and two Christmas parties in the next week.
There aren't really many photos I could take to convey tonight, so I'll just leave you with some glorious pictures of food that's already long gone.

How are you spending your Sunday?

Emma x

Emma Louise

LVNGLDN is the alias of Emma, a 20-something Irish law student living and working in London.


  1. OMG looks so yummy!
    Jabeen x

    1. I know, I wish I could say I made it!