What's in my bag? Essentials only!

Hello everyone!

I change my bag almost daily, but if I’m just heading to uni I tend to take the one pictured from Jack Wills, as it fits my laptop and everything else very comfortably.  Instead of talking about everything that ends up in my bag at one stage or another, I’ve decided only to mention the real essentials that I wouldn’t last an hour without.  The following items are those which, if forgotten, would leave me very lost throughout the day.

Keys keys KEYS!
I could not possibly count the amount of times that my friends have forgotten their house keys and ended up having to sit outside trying to call housemates to let them in (especially funny after a night out when they’re all asleep) or have had to stay over at someone else’s house and do the walk of shame the next day.  I’d be lost without my keys as I’m always running back and forth during the day, so much so that I’m tempted to make a snazzy necklace à la Zoey 101 to make sure I never forget them.

It rains.  A lot.

iPhone (and charger!)
It’s not exactly news to anyone that iPhones have terrible battery life, particularly if you use 3G as much as I do.  I’m a bit worried about how glued I am to my phone actually, but it has everything I need access to during the day, such as lecture notes, my bank app, emails and, of course, twitter.  I have substituted this for my iPod in the photo, as it has all of my music on it so tends to come with me, and I had to use my phone to take the photo!  So if anyone wants to get me a new camera for my birthday, it’s at the start of February..

This is a new essential for me, as nearly two weeks ago I bought myself a MacBook Air and my oh my am I in love.  My previous laptop was a present for my 18th birthday, and it was quite an expensive Samsung model, but somehow it just refused to work after a few months, so I couldn’t take it to lectures with me.  I would encourage anyone that can afford it (I was barely there) to invest in a MacBook, as they last a very long time and if you’re a student you get a substantial discount on the laptop and the protection plan.  I have noticed a massive change in my quality of notes this semester after switching from writing on paper, as it’s so much faster to type and completely worth it in my opinion!

Notebook (a pretty one at that) and Pens
If you’re one of those people who is always having Nobel Prize-winning thoughts in the most inconvenient of times and places, a notebook is necessary to have in your bag at all times.  It’s sometimes easier to make quick notes on your phone, but I like to keep a hard copy.  As for the pens (yes, plural, they get lost at the bottom of my bag) unless you’d like to write in lipstick or your own blood, I’d suggest chucking some in!

My purse is constantly full to the brim, not with money but with cards I definitely (probably) (maybe) need with me every day.  The items I need in my purse at all times are my Oyster card (for when I’m too lazy to walk), my bank card, student card for discounts, and some loose change for if I fancy some food or drink, as you’d be surprised at how many shops in London don’t have card machines (or have very dodgy-looking ones) or enforce a “card minimum” of what feels like £40 when all you want is a chocolate bar.  The purse I have pictured is from Topshop last year and was once very beautiful but due to wear and tear it has definitely seen better days.

I live in London - blocking out the world and everything in it is sometimes a necessity.

Although I have never actually reapplied my makeup when out of the house (unless I’ve been drinking, then I suddenly decide to add thirty more coats of mascara) I still come prepared with some concealer.  I’m a firm believer that the one day I forget it, I’ll have a makeup meltdown, so I take it just in case.  My concealer of choice at the moment is Rimmel’s Wake Me Up.

Maybelline Babylips
As mentioned in my previous post, these little babies are my life.  Tip: Try not to look so seductive when applying.  I’ve noticed men staring while I’ve puckered my lips to put some on while on the tube.

I take two - a regular one and one for backcombing.  Although I don’t go for massive hair, flat hair is something that utterly repulses me.  I have naturally curly/wavy hair but I find it tends to go a bit limp if I’ve been running around all day.  I will now regretfully confirm that I am one of those people that will comb their hair in the middle of the street, while still walking at the speed of light.  If that fails, I always have a hair tie on my wrist and some clips lying in my bag for when things get serious.

This turned out to be a long post considering it was intended to be the cream of the crop in terms of bag essentials!  Let me know in the comments if you think I’ve missed out anything important, or if you think I take far too much with me on a daily basis!

Emma x

Emma Louise

LVNGLDN is the alias of Emma, a 20-something Irish law student living and working in London.

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