An Afternoon in Port Meadow

I recently discovered these photos which were taken a few months ago on a walk through Port Meadow in Oxfordshire.  We like to go there quite a lot as that's where James grew up, and it's so nice to get into the countryside so easily from London.  As I was brought up in Ireland I often miss the greenery, the animals and the amazing landscapes that London lacks.  Although it looks quite calm and crisp, this was one of the coldest, muddiest days - I completely wrecked my shoes whilst trudging through mud to get back to the car!

Emma x

P.S. Straight after I took the photo of the horse, its mum galloped over and tried to shove me away.  I was terrified!

Emma Louise

LVNGLDN is the alias of Emma, a 20-something Irish law student living and working in London.

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