Winter Skin Saviours

I've definitely got my skincare routine down, but every now and then my skin gets a bit troublesome and I need to give my face some real attention.  Whether it's hormones, the weather, or just a bit of bad eating, these four products are the solution.

This clay-based mask is amazing.  Made with parsley seed, evening primrose and rosehip seed, it smells gorgeous - almost medicinal.  It's best for deep-cleansing to bring out all of the dirt in your pores and leave your skin feeling refreshed.  I know a few people have said it breaks them out after the first use.  I didn't have that problem, but if it does, persevere and it will work wonders!  After all, it shows it's working by bringing all of the impurities to the surface.
When to use:  Use at any time of day for clear skin - just make sure you've cleansed first!  Spread a thin layer all over your face and wait until dry, then wash off and follow up with the rest of your routine.

I'm a huge fan of Origins products, and this is no exception.  The citrus-y scent coming from the orange peel oil in the formula is quite strong, but I love it!  If you think that may bother you, drop by an Origins counter - they're always more than happy for you to try the products they have so you can try before you buy.  It's my winter go-to, so I'm expecting it to be taking a front seat in my evening routine for the next few months!
When to use: Apply after cleansing and toning.  This works best with loads of time to sink in and re-nourish.  Although branded as an overnight mask, I'll sometimes use this in the mornings if I know I won't be wearing makeup that day, or at least for a few hours.

I got into this years ago after reading on a beauty blog (possibly Tanya Burr's?..) that it is a lifesaver for dry lips.  It has many different uses and can be used on the face to combat spots and blemishes, but I prefer to use it as an intense lip balm.  It's quite a thick gel formula, but not at all sticky.
When to use: Use a thin layer all throughout the day as a lip balm.  For more noticeable results, apply  liberally just before bed to wake up with soft, flake-free lips!

Finally, we have the best product on the list.  I don't quite understand how, but this is the best serum out there.  It seems expensive considering it contains only 30ml of oil, yet I've had mine for over a year and it's still half-full.  Use to get rid of blemishes or dryness by morning.
When to use: Apply as the last step in your cleansing routine, in lieu of moisturiser.  Two drops warmed up in your hands will cover your whole face and neck.  I like to press it into my skin and massage the face as a relaxing pamper treat.

If you'd like to see posts on my regular skincare routines, click here for the morning or evening.  I've provided links above to each of the products so you can view them individually, or see here for a full list on my Wantfeed.  What are your must-have skin saviours?

Emma x

Emma Louise

LVNGLDN is the alias of Emma, a 20-something Irish law student living and working in London.

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